Chemo eve – am I being naive?

I hope I don’t re-visit this, my very first blog post and marvel at my optimism for not letting chemo dominate my life over the next 6 months! 

Since being diagnosed with secondary bowel cancer in August 2011, I have been swept along by the medical profesison from one consultation to another.  From one major operation to another.  And now finally I have breathing space before chemo starts next week.  So whilst I am still deluded into thinking I can do this, I am setting up my blog to distract me and hopefully give hope to anyone else going through similar experiences. 

People wiser than me tell me that positivity and meditation will get me through unscathed mentally and hopefully physically.  So I am drawn to using this ‘sabatical’ to do things I would never consider in a million years getting around to. 

And as I know I have a great skill in prevarication, if I don’t publish my intent and a list of challenges, I will duck everyone!